Cruz and Crowley: A Senator’s Sunday Sermon

It’s no wonder old-guard Republicans and Democrats are carping at Cruz, for he blows their cover in the re-election game priority over the people’s will. The son of a Cuban refugee, he understands the benefits of power balance, as well as the insensitivity and eventual horror of a tyranny.

How refreshing to hear a senator  “telling it like it is” in DC! It’s also comforting to see this knowledge and experience in  constitutional law, including a number of arguments at the Supreme Court level. He does not lose his place in the chaos of the political power play. A polite empathy toward his adversaries balances a firm stance against anything unconstitutional. His 21+ hour eloquent dissertation on the Senate floor last week has received much misrepresentation by his opponents, some of it unduly unkind. It was one of the most inspiring and elegantly scripted presentations. It provided appropriate perspective to the forceful and unconstitutional takeover of the private health care system with terrible consequences in many dimensions for the nation.

Sunday morning saw Senator Cruz, a constitutional conservative Republican, on CNN with Candy Crowley. Many a guest gets bloodied with Candy’s un-sweet flair for innuendo and 3rd party vitriol. She’s a master. Senator Cruz skillfully deflected her rapid sword-swipes of soap-opera politics and personality, thrusting the focus back to the USA economy and health. He also defended the wishes of the people and reminded the nation watching CNN of the constitutional intent in a bicameral legislature and the responsibilities of the people’s House of Representatives. Senator Reid’s rants have been rather blatant in denial of House Republican bona fides.

Back to the fencing match, Cruz deftly flipped the sword from her hand as time was running out. With a classy touche’ he offered a symbolic rose for Crowley’s colleague, CNN reporter Dana Bash. For any who missed it, Dana asked a simple and appropriate political question that unmasked Senator Harry Reid’s bitterness, a shameful display. He railed against a bill from the House funding NIH children’s cancer research trials.  For colleagues on both sides of the aisle, it reveals a distasteful and astonishing disdain, with illogic of putting pure political power above human caring.  The interview ended as Ms. Crowley showed some humor about Dana Bash’s stalwart tenacity. Cruz made great points, and the aforementioned insults were allayed for the weekend. 

In this idealogical and political war for our survival as a constitutional republic, I predict Senator Cruz will have more successful sword-play in the DC arena.

See the 17 minute CNN interview here.



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