Senator, This Is Your Wake Up Call

Let’s remember this 5-second historic statement by the former Speaker of the House.


“…but we have to pass the bill so that you can – uh – find out what is in it.”


Now that we found out, we do know some of the intrusive and punishing mandates of this bill. Most citizens detest and fear consequences of “Obamacare”. There are more horrors in this law than can easily be recounted, to be revealed in substance and consequence if implemented fully. For now, corporate preparations  and health worries in a drastic and unprecedented shift is damaging the already struggling economy. The new law is forcing the USA into socialized medicine, providing less choice, putting doctors and medical practices into failing and sometimes unethical positions, forcing them to become government snoops, denying some timely healthcare under penalty, transforming insurance companies and medical establishments into bureaucratic scribes, and demoralizing  senior citizens.  This solution was incredibly disguised as “making healthcare affordable” while it does the opposite in the long run. But the worst aspect is that it is an insidious form of tyranny. A Trojan horse , a virus with an appealing name.


The US House of Representatives, traditionally known as “the people’s house”, listened to our nationwide protest which is broadly non-partisan. Our voices and fervor have made a difference, if not by logic, then by the fear of losing re-election.  The midnight “ramrod” passage of this bill, and Pelosi’s nutty appeal to irresponsibility by the House, are in the Congressional record. The midnight madness is over,  and many woke up to smell the fresh coffee. Last week, in deference to the lack of Executive Department budget for the nation, the House  generously agreed to continue funding government operations at current levels for the next year, minus the added expense implementing and enforcing a national nightmare. At very least, this will do no harm.


Senator, you are the senior physician in the room, operating on the heart of the nation. There has been an arterial perforation. You must stop the bleeding and repair the artery immediately. Your colleagues handed you the sterile patch materials & instruments you need. The sooner this is done and the operation is over, the less will be the pain and recovery time. Do not prolong the nation’s agony, and do not let the patient bleed to death. Follow the House and help the patient get well. Few will believe you if you toss the instruments back and try to blame them for your  patient’s demise.


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