President Obama Impeachment Looms Larger

While we are following the main story of the Syrian ruler being forced to give up chemical weapons, the media is finally airing reports of our Executive Branch under President Obama, with complicity of State Department helping the rebels with weapons and support, in Syria and formerly in Libya and Egypt. This is in concert with the Saudi’s and others who (like President Obama) want regime changes in the Middle East.

So the Weapons of Mass Destruction have been found. As most of us suspected, they were shuffled around while Bush-bashing occurred. Surely Syria has some of them. A diplomatic move to allow de-fusing of the tensions between the US and Syria this week  resulted in Syria’s agreement to allow them to be removed under the auspices of UN.  In the 2011 “Arab Spring” and thereafter, the Muslim Brotherhood rebels got some of these WMDs, too. Benghazi could have been a key point in this chain of events. More will be revealed about the part our Administration and State Department played in this maneuvering, and the attack one year ago on 9-11-2012, which has never been fully explained.

Did Obama announce that WMD were found? No. He is  assisting the Saudi’s to enable the Syrian rebels to have them too (including  terrorist and rogue elements as well as Al Qaeda) for political leverage against a non-Muslim-Brotherhood ruler in Syria. On a larger scale, it is becoming more obvious to all that Obama is clearly assisting the Brotherhood to gain  power in the world power matrix. Since Obama claims to be a Christian, the question arises: are these Christian characteristics, to enable and assist  Muslim Brotherhood goals? The MB is involved in suppression and murder of Christians in the Middle East. While feckless and naïve congressional leaders believe the Muslim Brotherhood is moderate, MB actions speak louder than words. Our leaders seem to fall for the MB claims to moderation, which are part of their credo used to gain dominance. In Egypt, this lesson is clear: Political power allows them to revert to their radical and cruel goals.

Let’s reflect: Al Qaeda attacked the USA killing thousands and destroying the World Trade Center 12 years ago, shaking the foundations of our security and way of life. Now we are giving them support to fight a ruler in the Middle East!

What is wrong with this picture?

The timbers on our Ship of State are bending, with Congress allowing a president to bypass representative government and the constitution with destructive orders and actions crippling our nation. The USA is suffering economically and politically at home and abroad. We must elect representatives and senators who understand  the strategies of those who wish to dominate and practice intolerance in the world. Our leaders  must protect the constitution, sovereignty, and liberty in our founding principles. This also allows peaceful co-existence and respect for other nation’s sovereignty. It makes the USA an example of tolerance and hope for all people.

President Obama must be impeached and removed in our political process before he causes more chaos and strengthens destructive impulses in the world’s power grid.



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4 responses to “President Obama Impeachment Looms Larger

  1. n2USA

    I wish there were alternatives like impeachment and removing him from office through the election process. The last election (which was stolen by the progressives) proves that the American people no longer have control of the processes that we could use to legally and smoothly remove him from office.. But it’s a nice thought!
    I urge everyone to prepare for the worst. And when that happens we will rebuild the constitutional America we once had.


    • Thanks n2USA! Prepare, yes. Simultaneously we must demand our leaders in congress do the job according to our constitution and founding principles. or go home. The other side wants us to surrender without a fight. We must reject hopelessness and revive our nation without delay. It will be harder and perhaps impossible in chaos to do so. The constitution is still ours now. We must change the attitudes in congress, or replace them. Our voices are making a positive difference. Recent and continuing revelations about the unconstitutional subversive and destructive acts by the administration are weakening the other side. Liberty is the sister of Truth!


  2. n2USA

    When we see a “Conservative” congress coming up with a secret plan to “LOOK” like they are opposing OCare while actually allowing it to move forward doesn’t leave much room for the hope you are speaking of… I am still engaged in the process and doing my part each day. contacting my ‘elected’ representatives etc… but I do believe it is going to have to get really bad before enough people wake up to actually start moving things in the right direction.


  3. debra edwards

    Those “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that Bush ‘knew’ were there in Iraq, were quietly transported to Syria. A Colonel or General reported “large and massive amounts of trucks heading towards Syria”, after Saddam had ‘disappeared’. Go figure.

    1st thot: Congresses approval rating has upped to 19% recently. Why are Americans always blaming Congress when Obama has made over 900 executive orders and decisions, by-passing Congress. Congress is all we’ve got and I see them fighting for us. Thus, the reason Obama wants to by-pass them.

    2nd Thot: Think about this. “IF” Obama were Impeached, all of those executive orders would stay in ‘play’. “IF” we can ‘oust’ him out and prove him unconstitutional and illegal, of which he is, then all those appointments and orders would be removed as well. What a mess would have to be straightened out. My oh, my.

    Thirdly: Why all the interest in Weapons of Mass Destruction??? Could that just be a ‘smoke screen’ for the “massive” amount of Natural Gas/Oil that has been recently discovered in Israel? Now, that is also why Russia has become involved as well. (and China) That’s the truth of all this about Assad being so obliging. Get American ships out of there and then destruction to Israel will come….they think. Next stage, next performance. In steps God.

    Look up folks! Our redemption draweth nigh.

    debra edwards


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