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Yesterday I saw a quote by Condi Rice, about the sense of entitlement syndrome engendered in youth who are taught bitterness and anger. I agree that “entitlementality” is antithetical to the best interests of ANYONE, and that people will succeed with fortitude by taking personal responsibility and rejecting a belief that the government and/or “the rich” owes them something.  Unfortunately, Uncle Sam has created a bit of that in us, from our very first paycheck. Now it seems like a rip-off if we say ‘Nope, we aren’t entitled to Social Security’. It was the slippery slope. The bureaucratic monster we allowed to protect us is now capable of feeding itself without our permission, and we may all be devoured if we do not pull ourselves out of the swamp, cut spending drastically, and grow the economy exponentially. We must build a bridge to the new era. It can be done…

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