Undecided? Benghazi May Be Obama’s Legacy

What may eventually define this President’s legacy is the inconceivable behavior of the administration before, during, and after the attack and killing of our diplomats and security team in Benghazi. Facts are emerging rapidly. More volatile than Watergate, for nobody died in Watergate, we have four dead in Benghazi.

Shockingly, the administration (with the mesmerized mainstream media) succeeded in running out the clock on this  defining issue before the election. Soon the media will no longer be able to report that gravity does not exist. President Obama bragged about an obvious inaccuracy, perhaps a hopeful delusion, saying Al-Qaeda is “decimated” now that “we got Bin Laden”. Then he watched while US Embassy personnel were attacked and murdered by terrorists on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. His timid stance is attributable to an aberration of a policy known as “normalization of relations”. Similar rules of engagement also relaxed NAVY security protocols in dangerous waters, enabling the USS Cole bombing that killed our sailors in the waters off Yemen. Ironically, another Clinton was Commander In Chief.

After the Benghazi attack, President Obama and his administration condemned the attack, but soft-pedaled by implying a false reason for it in media discussions and in the infamous address to the UN. This vacuous and insulting ruse adds to the legacy of this president’s failure to provide needed protection, and to defend our embassy after prior warnings.  It is a disgrace to the USA and to the brave ones who defend our liberty both now and in the past.

It is time to elect a leader.


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One response to “Undecided? Benghazi May Be Obama’s Legacy

  1. Mike Dorough

    Again, you have said exactly what needed to be said. Shame on the administration for leaving our embassy personnel so vulnerable in such an obviously dangerous locale. Hopefully, right-headed and true Americans get this. Mike


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