The ObamaCare Zone

“Strange Days Indeed” –John Lennon

With due respect to John’s musical/lyrical talent, many have told us the inevitable truth. However, it is very strange indeed that the phrase would take a turn into the land of Alfred Hitchcock, The Twilight Zone, or Tales from the Crypt. If you remember these shows and the themes, please raise your hand.

The unexpected horror we are in:  A law of the land passed (using the term loosely) by Congress at the midnight hour, the total content of which our paid elected legislators had no idea. Now we are getting glimpses of this monster. It does more than insert government administrators and bureaucrats into our medical, health, and insurance decisions and availability of services. It includes such unrelated and intolerable things as real estate taxes on home sales, penalties on employers for employee job transfers and insurance coverage, and rules for hospital efficiencies that have nothing to do with reality or individual situations and needs. It is a nightmare for seniors, who will soon understand all too well what this means. It even penalizes doctors in certain instances for following their oath as medical professionals, for instance, by not allowing mammograms as frequently as radiologists recommended for cancer detection after a woman reaches age 50. A radiologist will be fined and could be sent to jail for disobeying and not paying the fine.

This law will reduce the number and quality of physicians and medical care, not enhance it. It will destroy the excellence achieved by the technology and medical practice of the twenty-first century, the best healthcare system in the history of mankind.  Bizarre and little known rules in ObamaCare affect us in the most basic way. The longevity of our valued seniors and even our youth in need of unique medical care are jeopardized. This law will have dire consequences, and more and more physicians are against it when they discover what is in the law. It will unravel the tapestry of our health system, and can mean life or death in some cases of the elderly in need of immediate medical care not covered according to this law.

Recall the most ridiculous legislative statement ever made by a Speaker of the House: “We have to pass the bill, so that you can – uh – find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy” – Nancy Pelosi

When one looks at the origins of ObamaCare, one finds another horror. Stay tuned, or do your own research.

Are you willing to believe YOU are in this movie? It is like the movie Jumanji, in which the players find themselves in a deadly actuality created by the game. When we elected (and astonishingly re-elected) Barack Hussein Obama, we started playing a deadly game.

As Rod Serling, creator of the original Twilight Zone, would have said: “There’s a signpost up ahead: You are now entering The ObamaCare Zone.”

We must change this bizarre reality by demanding repeal of this post-modern nightmare and to engage together in sensible reform.


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