Undecided? Consider this.

If the USA were an aircraft, we would be in a dive with the the current pilot and co-pilot. Our descending altitude toward an eventual crash into fiscal and social chaos is denied by the administration and the campaign for re-election, some incumbents in congress, and the media with some exceptions.  Unfortunately, our current pilot and co-pilot are not flight qualified. They mis-read the flight instruments and do not understand the forces involved and proper use of flight controls in turbulence. Amazingly, the pilot was not checked out before takeoff, and the copilot is unsound for advice and strength needed.

We must act now to save ourselves and the craft we built. A vote for Romney/Ryan gives us a chance for a real recovery to a normal flight path, and then a climb to proper altitude for the journey through the storms. His plan for achieving energy independence will reduce gas prices, cut our dependence on the Middle East, create jobs, and help return  national economic and energy security. The Romney/Ryan plan to seriously address the unthinkable national debt is something to which they will be held. There will be passionate discussions, and Mr. Romney will be a catalyst to forge the coalition needed, as capable presidents do. There will be synthesis, rather than separation.  His track record of bi-partisan skill as Governor proves he can balance the aircraft in flight when the left wing is heavier than the right.  Corporate success and business experience will turn the tide in jobs and world trade, leveling us toward stability domestically and internationally. While his success is disdained by detractors in order to get democratic votes by class division, yet such talent and accomplishment has always been a virtue in the USA! This tactic by the far left reveals their inability or unwillingness to read and report critical flight instruments properly. Entrepreneurship has always been an honorable activity and passion, a job creator of enormous importance, and has enabled progress, economic benefit, health, and rising living standards for all. Mr. Romney knows that success depends on providing logical and agreeable value propositions for employees and in the world market.

This is a rare moment in time, with intense global circumstances and power shifts that must be properly addressed with stable qualified leadership in the USA. The failure to avert and handle the Benghazi  murder of our diplomats and members of a brave security detail by Al-Queda-connected attackers will tarnish this administration’s legacy. It is time to remember we are a nation “conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” as stated in preamble to our constitution. It’s a time to bring together and build up, not divide and tear down. Former Senator Obama has said this in his own way before his election, yet has approved and used class warfare tactics. It is time to let him go.

Let us avoid an inevitable announcement of “Brace For Impact” with the current administration re-elected, for we have 4 years of proof they are not flight-qualified.  Replace the current flight crew with the team who will regain control and manage power to climb to a safer level. That qualified pair for safer flight is Romney/Ryan.



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6 responses to “Undecided? Consider this.

  1. Dudley Lambert



  2. Gracie Pepper

    Love it Larry..so true. My son and his wife vote for them last week. John, Brittany and myself will do so tomorrow.


  3. Dan Rainwater

    Great job Larry!


  4. Brilliant analogy, Larry. I am impressed and of course LOVE the connection with flying, pilots and understanding complicated instruments. You done good, I’d say, no great!. Love the blog and agree 150%. Juan and I early voted as well and look forward to Dick Morris’ 325 electoral vote lead, prediction, once the night is over.


  5. Mike Dorough

    Larry, why am I not surprised that you have stated so eloquently in your analogy what needed to be said. God help us if Captain Obama is still in command of the plane after this election – he already has us flying straight into a state of socialism that will erode what made this great country a strong and vibrant economy. My vote this morning for a new commander won’t turn the tide in a state that will no doubt go Republican in the electoral vote anyway. But, let us hope that key swing states, especially Ohio, will see the light, and the error of the misguided Obama vision. The bonus in getting rid of Obama would be also turning out AG, Eric Holder, who may be even more seriously misguided than his boss, and just as dangerous to our future. Thanks for taking the time to articulate the issues for us. Mike


  6. jennifer pennington

    Nice job, Lar! If I had a nickel for everyone I know who voted for Obummer and deeply regretted it, I’d have a lot of nickels! He has lost the evangelical black vote. White evangelicals largely did not vote in ’08. Romney has energized them.

    The woman vote was largely O’s last time, but since then, he has only recognized us as reproductive machines. A lot of women were deeply insulted by this, as we pay bills, too. Women have suffered more adverse economic impact under O than men.

    The young people entering the workforce have been hung out to dry in this economy. Hispanics are largely still in his camp, but as much less enthusiastic, which will translate into fewer votes for O.

    All this to say the energy is in the Romney camp, and I think he will take it like Lucy took Charlie Brown’s football.


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