Changing the Agenda from Hell

It appears the first attempt by Congress to fix the health care system was botched. Can it be the established republicans don’t want to be upstaged by admitting how simple it really can be to fix a system they allowed to be destroyed?  That will require real work and thoughtful cooperation for the good of the people, which could be two more things many of them detest. They can redeem themselves, and provide steering dialog among state treasurers, governors, regulators, insurance industry, medical industry, patients, pharmaceutical industry, practitioners of health and wellness, and economists, to begin the work. The Trump-Pence administration  must work immediately to reverse the PC habits of congress and their thinking inside the box of politics. They must begin the awkward re-transformation back to plain-spoken truth, and securing the blessings of liberty for US citizens. In the words of the famous 70’s rock group The Who: “We won’t be fooled again.”

One of the most bizarre aspects of the Obama transformation (which he continues to work to achieve by destroying the new administration) is the playbook he uses,  Rules For Radicals  by Saul Alinsky. Alinsky was a Marxist-leaning socialist who befriended the Al Capone gang leaders in Chicago, and promoted the undermining of the USA political and economic system. One could call Alinsky the Devil’s Advocate. In a famous paragraph of the dedication in his book he says: “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

Congress and Trump-Pence must realize political treachery cuts deep into our social psyche, beginning with the economics of the home and family. The socialist utopians found a way to destroy a marketplace, putting bureaus in charge of punishing us for not buying/providing a medical insurance product regardless the higher prices and illogical coverages, for starters. This is the first time in US history to my knowledge that citizens were commanded by federal law to buy a commercial product or else be punished monetarily. That trends toward criminal tactics by the executive and congress. Next came a strange and infamous decision when the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare was constitutionally legal. That trends toward jurisdictional tyranny.  Nowhere in our constitution does it allow federal mandates for buying insurance or health products, thus it violates the 10th amendment and the philosophy of our founding principles. Aside from being technically unconstitutional, not only was Obamacare proven hazardous to our overall health, it has negative effects on employers, employees, medical practitioners and insurance companies, causing disruption in the jobs market and economy.

Obamacare punctured the national aorta in a nightmare of rationed care and federal requirements for coverage that are illogical for doctors and patients. The website became a database for citizens’ private health information on federal computers, breached by hackers. Thanks to admissions by Professor Jonathan Gruber, known as a key architect for the Obamacare and Romneycare laws, who later bragged in class about fooling the congress and people with the law’s complexities, the voluminous Obamacare law and associated regulations was revealed to be a huge convoluted con-job on the citizenry. This socialist wealth-transfer strategy cloaked as a health benefit was one key to the historic 2016 election of an outsider non-politician president impervious to the torpedos launched at his indomitable ship.

Obama and his radicals achieved a major step toward a single-payer healthcare system, government control of our lives through health, medicine, and finance. The VA system is a government-controlled single payer system. Look at that as the model for the future of all health care under a single payer system. Plus more entitlement debt would be added to our national debt. If the debt is not reduced dramatically with a revival of economic prosperity and elimination of wasteful unnecessary and unconstitutional spending domestically and worldwide, the government will become technically insolvent. A congress and administration that does not demand a true balanced budget is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs: the enterprising spirit of US citizens that energizes national revenues. Thomas Jefferson warned us about becoming slaves to the national debt, and how it would destroy sovereignty and peace.

As a compassionate people, we know there is a way to provide emergency and preventive medical care for the unfortunate without punishing the ones who can more easily afford it, and more illogical federal laws. We do it through charity, religious organizations, private partnerships, appropriate involvement by state and local government, and public-private partnerships that work. Federal intervention and mandates are not the answer for health care. Congress and the Trump-Pence administration can provide leadership toward the solution that is regenerative both health-wise and economically. But we do not need a new overweight federal health care law.

Since leftist politicians and the statist-establishment media are still trying to protect and enable Obama’s legendary radical agenda to fundamentally transform the US economy and sovereignty, it may be significant to realize the strategy came partially from Saul Alinsky’s influence on young Obama. Obama and Clinton both consider him as mentor for their careers. He was a man who acknowledged Lucifer (the Devil) as an inspiration. Perhaps Obama’s and Clinton’s adherence to Alinsky’s teachings of radical strategies for undermining the USA helps explain the chaos for the last 8 years, and the unbelievable acceleration of horrors in the Middle East and globally.

The health of the entire world took a major hit under Obama’s terms. We must call out the leftist surrogate media for their part in this travesty, and reject their innuendo and deflection from truth, and their protection of those who undermine our nation’s principles. It’s up to us, really. It is our country. No president can do it by himself. But a president who is trying to return the nation to solvency, health, international respect, good relations with all nations of benevolent principles, one who restores order in chaos, peaceful alliances, and safety deserves our support.


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System Overload: A Strategy of Destruction

A recent excellent post by David Fiorazo is recommended at the link below. I believe this concise well-written article about the Cloward-Piven strategy, its origins and several examples of implementation, can help connect the dots of some transformational events and their effect on our nation. My compliments to Mr. Firoazo on his post.


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Border Politics: Dream or Nightmare?

Life in the USA now includes daily attacks on our liberties, health, and visions for success of future generations. The attacks are from our own government. Congress is in an ethical collapse, refusing to act using their constitutional power to deny funding for executive acts outside constitutional guardrails while funding projects that destroy the fabric of national security. An awakening of congressional oversight was delayed, with very few effective and visible public dialogs about that vital function. Without such compelling logical discussions to build the public understanding and confidence in the competence and leadership (including historical examples, legal precedents, and a look at the consequences of the considered action or inaction), the mainstream media is allowed to misrepresent the big picture with biased blather. They exhibit a hypnotic attraction to the Utopian agenda, effectively a propaganda arm for the political Left.

Consider this: The “most transparent administration in history” is arranging secret shuttling and placement of illegal immigrants without the (required by law) US Department of Health medical examinations and evaluations, possible quarantines, and return or refusal of entry according to circumstance.  Despite our benevolent wishes for the innocent children who are being used as pawns in a larger political game, this is not an immigration process. The health aspect is just one of many problems of an open border. Acceptance and more funding will encourage incessant flows of more illegals. In the chaos enabled  there is expansion of bureaucratic power. Previous administrations are also guilty of this tactic, yet the current president uses his own special leverage, his knowledge of the weak congress, and intimidation  to push that agenda.

Regarding the border, we have compassion and benevolence toward the helpless and/or oppressed. Evidence is clear that our caring nature is being exploited. Many undesirables will also take advantage of this chaos. As evidenced, not all of them are helpless oppressed children crossing the border. The redistribution of this human traffic by our bureaucrats with a “Yes we can”…(break the law) is disturbing. However, this train has been moving down the track for a long time. An excerpt from an article by Michelle Malkin, is below. Full article can be viewed at this link.


Excerpt from “Want a Real Poverty Plan? Stop Amnesty Now.” By Michelle Malkin

“The real crisis is not at the border. It’s being fomented inside our nation’s capital. The “border crisis” is a bipartisan D.C. catastrophe of craven politicians abandoning their constitutional duties to defend our sovereignty and put American workers first.”

“While cynical politicians prattle on about protecting the American Dream, they’re working together to destroy it. If these elected officials care so much about reducing poverty, why are they working so hard to import more of it from around the world? Leaders in both political parties have thrown struggling Americans under the bus to feed the cheap illegal alien labor machine.

The working poor are the biggest losers in D.C.’s amnesty game. U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow has been a LONELY voice warning about the impact of mass illegal immigration and perpetual amnesty on low-income black Americans. “The country’s economic woes have disproportionately harmed African-Americans, especially those with little education,” he warned this spring. “The economy has a glut of low-skilled workers, not a shortage,” which is driving wages down.

Stagnant wages and DEPRESSED economic growth affect working poor Americans of all colors, while illegal alien amnesty beneficiaries cash in. Steve Camarota and Karen Ziegler of the Center for Immigration Studies reported last month that “since 2000, all of the net gain in the number of working-age (16 to 65) people holding a JOB has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal). This is remarkable given that native-born Americans accounted for two-thirds of the growth in the total working-age population. Though there has been some recovery from the Great Recession, there were still fewer working-age natives holding a job in the first quarter of 2014 than in 2000, while the number of immigrants with a job was 5.7 million above the 2000 level.”

President Obama has already granted administrative amnesty to an estimated two million illegal aliens and renewed “temporary” work permits for 520,000. The administration is planning an expansion that would grant amnesties to at least six million more lawbreakers.

Where is the opposition? Appeasement Republicans refuse to support Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz’s on-target proposal to repeal Obama’s “DREAM” magnet and Alabama GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions’ clarion call to block any more executive amnesties as a precondition to border bill negotiations.

According to my sources on the Hill, the staffs of Sens. McCain, Flake and Murkowski met privately and opposed any changes to Obama’s DREAM passes for illegals — which makes them willing and suicidal accomplices in the perpetual Democratic voter recruitment drive.

On the HOUSE SIDE, GOP House Speaker John Boehner is also openly opposed to stopping the DREAM nightmare.

There are no longer two separate parties in Washington. There’s just one big Amnesty Inc. conglomerate addicted to Big Business donations and Big Government grievance politics. The Obama White House needs to buy off Hispanic voters, keep IMMIGRATION LAWYERS employed and secure a left-wing permanent ruling majority. Establishment Republicans need to pay off the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, pander to minority lobbyists and curry favor with open-borders CEOs led by Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

The real crisis is not at the border. It’s being fomented inside our nation’s capital. The “border crisis” is a bipartisan D.C. catastrophe of craven politicians abandoning their constitutional duties to defend our sovereignty and put American workers first.”



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The Agenda From Hell

Today I received a  “broadcast” letter from a business colleague and friend, full of heartfelt disgust and some anger about his insurance company canceling his family’s good insurance policy he had before the ACA intrusion. To renew a similar policy under the new rules, he will have to pay $775 MORE per month. This is just the tip of the dirty iceberg,  the monstrosity passed by congressional parliamentary malpractice under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, under the Director of Fundamental Transformation Surgery, President Barack Hussein Obama. It’s not only Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Party Patriots speaking of this monumental disaster occurring. People on all sides of the political polygon are complaining.

This political treachery cuts deep into our social psyche, beginning with the economics of the home and family. The socialist utopians in all three branches of US government, including many Republicans In Name Only, found a way to destroy a marketplace, putting the IRS in charge of fines and taxes for not buying/providing a medical insurance product regardless of higher price to many. This is perhaps worse than taxation without representation, for this is suppression by incompetent representation. The Supreme Court had to resort to unusual language in excusing it as a constitutional tax law. Remarkable and legendary, perhaps infamous. Furthermore, this obscenity is damaging the free market economy with devastating effects on citizens, employers, medical practitioners, and insurance companies, causing severe disruption in the jobs market.

This President and his supporters punctured the aorta of the nation’s medical practice with federal penalties for breaking the rules in a nightmare of rationed care and marketplace interference not well understood and not wanted by the majority of citizens. The website is looking more like a data-mining function than anything it was said to be, and that was prevarication at best. ObamaCare supporters may then blame private enterprise and “evil Republicans” or “Tea Party patriots” for the inevitable failure of acceptance of this stupid law. The administration will start the chant for single-payer government insurance as the solution. If the administrations from here forward continue to destroy private enterprise and the insanity of federal spending does not stop, the federal government could really become technically insolvent. How is the government going to pay for good medical care? At present, we have a bureaucracy that does not adhere to simple budgeting and worse in the long term, it is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, the individual enterprising spirit, and legitimate taxation!

Rather than provide steering dialog among regulators, insurance industry, medical industry, patients, pharmaceutical industry, and practitioners of health and wellness to improve any so-called inequities in the health care marketplace, this group of legislators under an imperialistic president have made it worse with their divisive, even derisive language and politics. They accuse their opposition of doing what they do in reality. Many are appalled by the overwhelming changes in privacy rights, purchase choices, medical and economic well being for themselves and their progeny. Though this encroachment started long before Obama, it has become viral under his agenda. His incessant inflammatory language against those who peacefully and constitutionally oppose him and his agenda, are dividing a nation that needs cohesiveness to weather major storms, including national security and safety,  and other legitimate functions of government.

Everyone should read, or at least become aware of a playbook being used to force feed us socialistic initiatives in DC now.  Rules For Radicals  by Saul Alinsky is a rulebook President Obama has referred to, with Alinsky’s principles as a key.

Alinsky in a famous paragraph says: “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

While prominent politicians and media pushing the President’s radical agenda suggest their opposition is “evil”, or “terroristic”,  their own strategy comes from a communist-Marxist  who acknowledges Lucifer as a primary inspiration. This may put things in perspective.


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Cruz and Crowley: A Senator’s Sunday Sermon

It’s no wonder old-guard Republicans and Democrats are carping at Cruz, for he blows their cover in the re-election game priority over the people’s will. The son of a Cuban refugee, he understands the benefits of power balance, as well as the insensitivity and eventual horror of a tyranny.

How refreshing to hear a senator  “telling it like it is” in DC! It’s also comforting to see this knowledge and experience in  constitutional law, including a number of arguments at the Supreme Court level. He does not lose his place in the chaos of the political power play. A polite empathy toward his adversaries balances a firm stance against anything unconstitutional. His 21+ hour eloquent dissertation on the Senate floor last week has received much misrepresentation by his opponents, some of it unduly unkind. It was one of the most inspiring and elegantly scripted presentations. It provided appropriate perspective to the forceful and unconstitutional takeover of the private health care system with terrible consequences in many dimensions for the nation.

Sunday morning saw Senator Cruz, a constitutional conservative Republican, on CNN with Candy Crowley. Many a guest gets bloodied with Candy’s un-sweet flair for innuendo and 3rd party vitriol. She’s a master. Senator Cruz skillfully deflected her rapid sword-swipes of soap-opera politics and personality, thrusting the focus back to the USA economy and health. He also defended the wishes of the people and reminded the nation watching CNN of the constitutional intent in a bicameral legislature and the responsibilities of the people’s House of Representatives. Senator Reid’s rants have been rather blatant in denial of House Republican bona fides.

Back to the fencing match, Cruz deftly flipped the sword from her hand as time was running out. With a classy touche’ he offered a symbolic rose for Crowley’s colleague, CNN reporter Dana Bash. For any who missed it, Dana asked a simple and appropriate political question that unmasked Senator Harry Reid’s bitterness, a shameful display. He railed against a bill from the House funding NIH children’s cancer research trials.  For colleagues on both sides of the aisle, it reveals a distasteful and astonishing disdain, with illogic of putting pure political power above human caring.  The interview ended as Ms. Crowley showed some humor about Dana Bash’s stalwart tenacity. Cruz made great points, and the aforementioned insults were allayed for the weekend. 

In this idealogical and political war for our survival as a constitutional republic, I predict Senator Cruz will have more successful sword-play in the DC arena.

See the 17 minute CNN interview here.


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Senator, This Is Your Wake Up Call

Let’s remember this 5-second historic statement by the former Speaker of the House.


“…but we have to pass the bill so that you can – uh – find out what is in it.”


Now that we found out, we do know some of the intrusive and punishing mandates of this bill. Most citizens detest and fear consequences of “Obamacare”. There are more horrors in this law than can easily be recounted, to be revealed in substance and consequence if implemented fully. For now, corporate preparations  and health worries in a drastic and unprecedented shift is damaging the already struggling economy. The new law is forcing the USA into socialized medicine, providing less choice, putting doctors and medical practices into failing and sometimes unethical positions, forcing them to become government snoops, denying some timely healthcare under penalty, transforming insurance companies and medical establishments into bureaucratic scribes, and demoralizing  senior citizens.  This solution was incredibly disguised as “making healthcare affordable” while it does the opposite in the long run. But the worst aspect is that it is an insidious form of tyranny. A Trojan horse , a virus with an appealing name.


The US House of Representatives, traditionally known as “the people’s house”, listened to our nationwide protest which is broadly non-partisan. Our voices and fervor have made a difference, if not by logic, then by the fear of losing re-election.  The midnight “ramrod” passage of this bill, and Pelosi’s nutty appeal to irresponsibility by the House, are in the Congressional record. The midnight madness is over,  and many woke up to smell the fresh coffee. Last week, in deference to the lack of Executive Department budget for the nation, the House  generously agreed to continue funding government operations at current levels for the next year, minus the added expense implementing and enforcing a national nightmare. At very least, this will do no harm.


Senator, you are the senior physician in the room, operating on the heart of the nation. There has been an arterial perforation. You must stop the bleeding and repair the artery immediately. Your colleagues handed you the sterile patch materials & instruments you need. The sooner this is done and the operation is over, the less will be the pain and recovery time. Do not prolong the nation’s agony, and do not let the patient bleed to death. Follow the House and help the patient get well. Few will believe you if you toss the instruments back and try to blame them for your  patient’s demise.

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President Obama Impeachment Looms Larger

While we are following the main story of the Syrian ruler being forced to give up chemical weapons, the media is finally airing reports of our Executive Branch under President Obama, with complicity of State Department helping the rebels with weapons and support, in Syria and formerly in Libya and Egypt. This is in concert with the Saudi’s and others who (like President Obama) want regime changes in the Middle East.

So the Weapons of Mass Destruction have been found. As most of us suspected, they were shuffled around while Bush-bashing occurred. Surely Syria has some of them. A diplomatic move to allow de-fusing of the tensions between the US and Syria this week  resulted in Syria’s agreement to allow them to be removed under the auspices of UN.  In the 2011 “Arab Spring” and thereafter, the Muslim Brotherhood rebels got some of these WMDs, too. Benghazi could have been a key point in this chain of events. More will be revealed about the part our Administration and State Department played in this maneuvering, and the attack one year ago on 9-11-2012, which has never been fully explained.

Did Obama announce that WMD were found? No. He is  assisting the Saudi’s to enable the Syrian rebels to have them too (including  terrorist and rogue elements as well as Al Qaeda) for political leverage against a non-Muslim-Brotherhood ruler in Syria. On a larger scale, it is becoming more obvious to all that Obama is clearly assisting the Brotherhood to gain  power in the world power matrix. Since Obama claims to be a Christian, the question arises: are these Christian characteristics, to enable and assist  Muslim Brotherhood goals? The MB is involved in suppression and murder of Christians in the Middle East. While feckless and naïve congressional leaders believe the Muslim Brotherhood is moderate, MB actions speak louder than words. Our leaders seem to fall for the MB claims to moderation, which are part of their credo used to gain dominance. In Egypt, this lesson is clear: Political power allows them to revert to their radical and cruel goals.

Let’s reflect: Al Qaeda attacked the USA killing thousands and destroying the World Trade Center 12 years ago, shaking the foundations of our security and way of life. Now we are giving them support to fight a ruler in the Middle East!

What is wrong with this picture?

The timbers on our Ship of State are bending, with Congress allowing a president to bypass representative government and the constitution with destructive orders and actions crippling our nation. The USA is suffering economically and politically at home and abroad. We must elect representatives and senators who understand  the strategies of those who wish to dominate and practice intolerance in the world. Our leaders  must protect the constitution, sovereignty, and liberty in our founding principles. This also allows peaceful co-existence and respect for other nation’s sovereignty. It makes the USA an example of tolerance and hope for all people.

President Obama must be impeached and removed in our political process before he causes more chaos and strengthens destructive impulses in the world’s power grid.


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